About the book

Paper Planes and Hopes

‘Paper Planes and Hopes’ is a collection of free verse poems and prose. 

You think you are not there yet? You are not alone. There are so many emotions one goes through before they get to taste the satisfaction of being there where they are meant to be. This book is for the thinkers. The ones who want to be well in-tuned with their inner self. Those who want to have a hold over their actions and emotions to succeed in life at all levels and for those seeking a brighter tomorrow.

The purpose of this book is to motivate the reader to move forward in life. The little everyday happenings may bother you, but do not ever take your eyes off the bigger picture. And so what, if the bigger picture in itself is blurry?  The confusion, the anxiety is all what will make the better days more brighter.

The author has beautifully woven in these poems- her personal emotions, things that moved her and life experiences. Her thought provoking words in this book will guide you and broaden your vision. They’ll compel you to ponder deep over different aspects of your own life, awaken your consciousness with deeper understanding of your own self. Thus, help you at taking better life decisions and leading you to a happier life.

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